Marc Godfrey Animator

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Brushing Up On My Core Skills

Last weekend, I began a google hunt for Life Drawing classes in Edinburgh. I mean, this is Edinburgh, there MUST be some classes somewhere! And yup, there were plenty. I was nearly going to sign up to a 10 week course, costing £170 (!!!) and then read a BBC article about this little group in Glasgow and Edinburgh who hold weekly, drop in Life Drawing classes...for a bargainacious £4.50 per session.

I went along to the City Cafe on Tuesday night, and joined in All The Young Nudes class. I had a great time, and it felt super good to get back into Life Drawing again! You can find all work from the evening on my Sketch Blog, but here's a sample of what I did.

"But Marc, why are you doing this?" I hear you cry... well, one of the things I've learnt whilst job hunting for junior Animation positions, is that studios and directors like to know that the people they have on their teams, do have the basic, core art skills too...and whilst it's easy for me to say "hey, well, I studied at the Cambridge School of Art, y'know", that's not enough. I need to keep practicing, and honing and developing my craft (for want of a less cliche phrase).  Plus, it looks good on the CV if I can say, I regularly attend art classes and-for-that-to-be-true! Sooo I'll be a-sketchin as much as can...and animating, of course.

In other news, the studio in Edinburgh have got back to me, and I'm going in over the next days to learn their software (...horror of horrors, when I rock up for a meeting before Christmas, the bombshell that they don't use Maya, gave me a bit of a stumble).

So, my New Year is off to a pretty good start - in that I've started Art Classes and will be learning a new piece of Animation Software. Lovely.