Marc Godfrey Animator

Friday, 28 February 2014

Some Animation Shot Updates...

I've been working on a quite a number of shots lately, the thing is, I'm in that awful stupor of thinking that my work isn't good enough. Well, the time has come to just post them and collect feedback regardless! I'm the type of person who is proud of my work, so don't really like showing things off unless I think they're really, really good. And now that my training is finished (...although you're never finished learning, yadda yadda blah de blah) the work I produce should be top notch - I don't have the safety blanket of it-doesn't-matter-if-my-shots-aren't-THE-best-because-I'm-still-learning I just have to swallow my pride, put on my thick-skin rhino hide and just do whatever I'm working on, and get some sort of feedback.

This is the latest piece I've been working on. I'm actually editing it right now, but taking a quick break to show you what I've done so far.

Here it is:

It's taken from a clip of BBC1's The Voice. The girl (Rachael O'Connor) just got through first round of auditions, and this is her backstage reaction. The rig I used is the Bonnie rig, by Josh Sobel - it's so nice to work with, and it looks really cute too.

I wanted to show you the original clip here too, but it looks like it's been taken down by youtube (boooo!), but I have some screen caps, that I used as a starting point for my thumbnails:
From the clip, I put together my thumbnails, which hopefully you'll be able to make out here:
Right now, my biggest problem/feedback is that I'm not hitting the accents. Which in this case, are the words dream, real and in. So, that's what I'm working on right now...also I need to sort out the right hand and fingers.

When I get another edit put together, I'll post it so you will hopefully be able to see a vast improvement. 

I'm also working on a Willy Wonka clip, as well as a Ball Throw idea which has taken a bit of a back I'm kinda juggling shots as the moment. It's keeping my mind fresh, at least.