Marc Godfrey Animator

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Reunited with an Old Friend!

Vintage Garfield T-shirts - circa 1988
Whilst clearing out a load of long forgotten junk, I stumbled across these little beauties; my treasured Garfield t-shirts I used to wear as a kid.

I used to be obsessed with Garfield. I had all the books and comics, spent hours drawing out my favourite Garfield characters and making cutouts for my bedroom wall. I used watch Garfield and Friends repeatedly on TV. I.was.obsessed.

I couldn't let them go to charity, had to keep them and thought I'd share here. Garfield's creator, Jim Davis, really inspired me to draw when I was perhaps if it wasn't for him and his beloved Garfield creation, I might not be where I am today, vying for a career in Animation. Garfield rocks!